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 Sydney, black and white filly

 Dam: Naffertys Lass     Grand sire: Apachy Run

 born April 2013 to make appox 16.2h weaned ready to go,,               would concider selling dam who has been covered by fintel so you'd get 2 for the price of one












 Lochlibo's CocoSpots: knabstrupper, bay filly born june 2013 to make appox 16.2h

Dam: Willowfarm Clarissa 208333kn0906220 sire: Fintel KNN125

damsire: Cornelius knn153 

will excel in any sphere
























 onyx: blanket spotted filly, born 2010,

 to make 16.2h

well handled easy natured in every way,

 as you can see by pic onyx's coat is still changing,

onyx is the full big sister to jasper

sire: fintel    dam: ruby














gorgus gelding born 17th may 2013 to make 16h plus

Dam: Montana of Ralston Sire: Fintel KNN125









 Lochlibo's Zeta:

 Born June 2013 to make appox 16h

Dam: Barcutan Haldana knn2490 (first premium at knn grading) sire: Fintel knn

Damsire: Hamlet Frydenlund(Apollon/Roxane Frydenlund)

 weaned  sold








  The Governors Boy: 

  bay colt born 26th may 2012,

 will make 16h ,,    

  sire: The Governors Boss

                     dam: only orla (irish sport type) sold




Demi, black filly, born 6th may 2011, to make 16h,

demi is a very friendly sweet natured girl,

has started to spot out

sire: fintel knn125       dam: elli 














possum: chestnut filly,born 2010

 to make 15.2h plus,just broken to ride,

lovely natured girl, very friendly always willing to please , http://youtu.be/Nne2YMOVUAk

sire: fintel knn125        dam: only orla